A Roadtrip Through The Netherlands and Belgium

Part 1: Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague and Zeeland

Amsterdam Canal with Dreamlike Bridge and House

The Netherlands and Belgium? They’re flat as pancakes, rather small and half under-water. Who’d want to go there when you could visit France, Germany and the UK? Me. The lowlands of Europe are oft-maligned yet among the best the continent has to offer. If you enjoy canals, cheese, bikes, very tall blonds, stroepwafels or geoengineering then you’ll enjoy the Netherlands, while if waffles, apple pie, beer, chocolate or national disunity are your bag then you’d really dig Belgium. I’ll be honest- all of those things appeal to me, which is why my roadtrip through The Netherlands and Belgium was so long overdue. Read More →

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Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job to Travel

The coast at Cannon Beach, Oregon, where I lived and worked for 2 years

It’s almost the perfect fantasy. “Quit your job and travel the world!” I hear it all the time when travelling, and in the travel blogging community, the argument that one should quit one’s job and travel is almost de-rigueur. But what if I told you that you shouldn’t? About ten years ago, I was burnt out at work and so took 3 months of leave without pay to go surfing in the Maldives followed by 3 months of backpacking in Europe. I was about 3 weeks into the trip, when, one day in Norway, I got an email from my boss back home with some bad news. Read More →

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Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve Fireworks Photos

Sydney Harbour New Year's Eve 2015 Fireworks

Despite living in Sydney most my life, I’d never really seen the famed Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve fireworks display properly. We went to a fun waterfront party in Point Piper in 2010, and I packed my tripod and camera with great anticipation, only for smoke to block all but the first couple of minutes. This year was going to be different. These photos are slightly different from your average fireworks photos. We were on a floating platform, so a long exposure was not possible, nor was using a tripod, and I had to make do with a high ISO. Because of this, these photos show a lot more detail in the smoke and explosion than you might usually see in regular fireworks photographs. We were also really close to one of the fireworks barges in the harbour which enhanced this effect. Read More →

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The Last Place on Earth I Expected to get Married-

Our Quest to Convince the Catholic Church to Marry Us in the Most Beautiful Church in Brazil

Wedding day at Dom Bosco, Brasila

Brasilia is not usually regarded as one of the world’s beautiful cities. Spawned in 1956 from dusty red-dirt surrounds almost identical to the Australian Outback, the planned capital of Brazil resembles a curved white concrete dystopia in the middle of a desert- a vision perhaps of a future that never eventuated. But in the middle of this metropolis stands the world’s most beautiful church.

It was probably the last place on Earth I ever expected to get married. Read More →

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The Time US Customs Found Nitroglycerine on My Cell Phone

Confiscated Toothpaste airport security check

I love Americans and I love visiting the US. The people are friendly, talkative and (mostly) clever, and they love Australians, so why shouldn’t I love them back?! There’s just one problem- and that’s that American airline companies and airport security don’t love me. At all. A case in point is the day US Customs found nitroglycerine on my cell phone. Read More →

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Watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

FIFA Fan Fest, Copacabana Beach, 2014 World Cup Final, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Although I love to travel and had a good old time at the Olympics in Sydney in 2000, I have very rarely travelled for a major sporting event. This all changed recently when I headed to Brazil to get married to my Brazilian girl. We timed the wedding for the week after the 2014 FIFA World Cup, so that we and the guests could have a second reason to visit Brazil. So.. how was the World Cup in Brazil? Read More →

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Sydney Harbour Illuminated-

Sydney Vivid Festival 2014

Sydney Opera House with Universe Projection during Vivid Festival 2014

If you were ever in any doubt that Sydney possesses the world’s most beautiful natural harbour, this year’s Vivid light festival would have reassured you. Now the biggest festival in Australia, Vivid encompasses music performance and an ideas forum, but the real drawcard for the visitors in their millions is the projected lightshow. I rarely need an excuse to go down to Sydney Harbour for a gander so I thought I’d get on down and put my Canon EOS 6D through its paces. Read More →

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The Time I Boarded the Wrong Plane

Flying over New Zealand's South Island

With airports supposedly a model of organisation, checking in, passing through security, reaching your gate and being cleared to board the correct plane is a walk in the park, right? Um, well actually… Read More →

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Danke Andrej Sacharov, Dmitri Vrubel, East Side Gallery, Berlin

Pheatured Photo

Danke Andrej Sacharov, Dmitri Vrubel, East Side Gallery, Berlin

This work "Danke Andrej Sacharov", by Dmitri Vrubel of Russia, depicts the Russian physicist and father of the Soviet nuclear arms program who was also an anti-Soviet dissident and human rights activist.

Though today we speak of the "Berlin Wall", there were actually 2 walls. To escape to the West, you had to first scale the wall on the Eastern side, and then scale another wall placed just before the Western territory. The only problem is that in the middle of the walls was a no-mans land of guard towers with orders to shoot to kill, automatic machine guns, guard dogs, tanks, spikes, landmines and tripwires. When the "wall" came down, there were sections that did not get removed. One of the most famous of those sections is located on Mühlenstraße in Friedrichshain and is now the East Side Gallery. Berlin is one of my favourite places for its killer combination of art and history and the East Side Gallery showcases some of the World's best street art. This work "Danke Andrej Sacharov", by Dmitri Vrubel of Russia, depicts the Russian physicist and father of the Soviet nuclear arms program who was also an anti-Soviet dissident and prominent human rights activist. I spent ages with my camera documenting the artworks of the Gallery but it was tricky to get a shot without a bunch of tourists posing for cheesy pictures or coming to look at the image close-up. This time however, a man inexplicably took a good look inside Sacharov's ear and I thought it bizarre enough an act to preserve in perpetuity. On the other side of this wall was the death strip, then another wall and then the River Spree. Across the river was the West. The death strip is now a pleasant riverside park and there are a number of beach bars where it's nice to sit with a beer in the afternoon sun. How times change. See more pheatured photos →

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Why this FIFA World Cup 2014 Means More to Me than Most-

Getting Married in Brazil

Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

As the world’s eyes turn towards Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, I’m getting excited not just for the football on display but for a passion of a different kind. I’m heading to Brazil for the World Cup Final, and the week after that, I will be getting married. In Brazil. To a Brazilian. Read More →

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