2 Days in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Towers Detail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Towards the end of 2013, I needed to take yet another work trip to visit a company in Singapore. Now I love Singapore, but….. I have just been there too many times! And I shook my head and thought “this time I am going somewhere I have never been before”. So I took a look at the map, let my eyes trail north of Singapore and began Malaysia dreaming. Malacca caught my gaze. I’d always wanted to see it- something about that olde world spice of the colonial age. The romance of the Malacca Straits. The Orient of yesteryear. But to get there I’d have to first fly to Kuala Lumpur- the Oriental megalopolis of today. Read More →

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Madness in Morocco

Part 2: Road trips, Moroccan Marriage, Corrupt Officials, Crazy Camels and Sure-Footed Donkeys

Camel on Taghazout Beach, Morocco

Last week, we heard about Vince’s Moroccan adventures in Part 1: Intimidation, Mint Tea, and Hammams. It was nothing if not a heavy read, and this week’s tale’s both heavy and light in equal measure, as a good adventure often is. Vince is a mid-20s Aussie backpacker who recently spent 6 months in Morocco working as a surf instructor and got more than he bargained for, which he’ll continue to tell us all about in Part 2. Read More →

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Madness in Morocco

Part 1: Intimidation, Mint Tea, and Hammams

Surf Camp Roadtrip, cruising the coast looking for waves, Morocco

I first entered Morocco as an escape from my expiring Schengen zone visa (basically the European Union), but soon decided to stay for 6 months to teach surfing just outside the city of Agadir, in a small fishing turned surfing village named Taghazout, in Morocco’s South. The place was just too good, too crazy for an “escape”. Home to the Western Sahara desert, Atlas Mountains, delicious spice infused meals, world class surf breaks, various deadly animals and amazing people, I got more than I bargained for when I set foot in this North African country. Read More →

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Notable Berlin Street Art

(including the East Side Gallery)

Multiple Faces, Hackescher Markt, Berlin

It’s no secret that I love Berlin. In fact I’ve previously waxed lyrical about the quirky hotels and bizarre sights on offer. But more than that, I love the gritty streets of Berlin, the street art-filled urban dystopias which make Berlin at times seem another planet. In this photo-essay I expose some of the best Berlin street art. Read More →

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Travelling and Changing Money in 2014:

These Currencies are So Hot Right Now

US currency

Are you planning on travelling this year? If so, it’s more likely than not you’ll be dealing with foreign currency, be that greenbacks in the US, rands in South Africa, or even neuvo sols in Peru. Given this, what happens to the foreign exchange rate this year will mean the difference between whether you end up with a large pile of bank notes, or just a few coppers. So what do the forex Gods have in mind? I spoke with Peter Lavelle of foreign exchange specialist Pure FX, to determine the currencies of interest in 2014. Read More →

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My Strange Relationship with My Travel Buddy Scott

Couple of Pints, London England

I had been in bed not longer than an hour when I crept out of the room to visit the bathroom. Though I had arrived only an hour ago at Scott and Sam’s home in London, I figured they would probably already be sleeping. The house was silent and the chill London air was still outside. I was quiet as a mouse as I quietly opened the creaky bedroom door, careful not to wake my hosts. What happened next is perhaps the most terrifying tale of woe and whimsy in the history of travel-writing. Read More →

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13 Travel Items That Are Now Extinct

On the tracks at Dorasan station, South Korea. The tracks behind me go all the way to Pyongyang.

My first international flight, with my parents, occurred over 20 years ago at the age of 12 and since that day I was hooked. Some 8 years later, I went on my first big backpacking trip around Europe. Even though I’m not that old, in the time since I first started jetting about the globe the internet happened, mobile phones happened, computers became affordable and accessible, and many technological and political influences changed the way we travel forever. I thought I’d take a walk back in time and reminisce about the once-essential travel items that have gone the way of the dodo. Read More →

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A Roadtrip through the Swiss Alps from Paris to Italy

Streets of Milan, Italy

I’m somewhat apprehensive as we take the RER away from Paris city and towards the hire car places at Charles de Gaulle airport. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Babs has literally just stepped off a 24-hour plane ride from Sydney, and I’ve been at a conference all week outside Paris. It’s a warm autumn and I’m sweating in my suit and worn out from days and nights of business meetings. I’m feeling a tad grumpy. I’m not ready to deal with Paris traffic and furthermore, we have zero plans on where to go. But life is rarely plain sailing and travels reflect that. Besides, we’ve nowhere to stay in Paris anyway and no better plans. Throwing caution to the wind, we embark on a roadtrip across Europe through the Swiss Alps. Read More →

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Weird, Wonderful and Lonely Places I Have Spent Christmas

Christmas in Australia, Australian surfing santas

Christmas is different things to different people. As travellers, we’re fortunate enough to experience the magic of the holiday season in different cultures and places, although for some of us we’re ditching the travels and returning home for Christmas. I had a walk back through time to think about all of the weird, wonderful and lonely places I’ve spent Christmas Day over the years. Read More →

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The UAE and Dubai in a Nutshell:

Canon EOS 6D

A short but sweet video of things to see and do in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, featuring the music of Beirut.
Check out our guide to Dubai, “11 Cool Things to Do in Dubai”.

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